Friday, January 25, 2008

Tickled pink...

DAY 25

Yesterday I was on an all-day shopping trip (which is why I didn't post) and when I came home and checked out some blogs I discovered this from Shannonmarie of

The Inspirational Blogger Award is, "For those bloggers who inspire others through their words and actions. With a positive attitude, and uplifting spirit these bloggers make the blogosphere a better place, and encourage others to do the same. This award is for bloggers who rise up to set an example but continue to reach out and support others.”

Hence the title (which is a great understatement!). Shannonamarie IS SO SWEET! I don't deserve it at all! I absolutely adore her blog and check it all the time. She posts all the time and keeps so many people, including me, very inspired in the raw and healthy lifestyle. Her writing style is so fun and easy to read! I love your blog, Shannonmarie! Muah! As far as I'm concerned I would tag her right back and give her the award again, but I liked the idea of giving it to other awesome blogs that haven't been awarded yet. Oh, and I have to say I'd award Kristen from too, but she has two. I just love, love, love her blog (and soon I'm about to add her link to my blog! I'm so slow!) Oh, and Raw Diva Keely I love her blog so much! There's just so many!

But as a recipient of being "tagged" I get to give the award to five other people who's blogs inspire me. So without further ado, I present five awesome blogs that deserve special recognition:

Julie at She has an inspiring way of writing, and what she has written and posted is fun to look at. Oh! Especially her raw enchilada recipe and photos. I've got to try that recipe soon! :0)

Raw Food Experiments! Oh my word! I love their pictures and recipes! It all looks so good! Just the way the food is arranged in the photos is pure art form.

PeanutPea at Her pictures and recipes look so great! I love the way she strives to be so committed to the raw lifestyle.

Chad at He has an inspiring way of thinking outside of the box, for example, his rawcaroni salad. I love originality and his recipes really seem to be just full of that!

Curtis and Peggy at Their blog is amazingly chock full of pictures, wonderful thoughts, and encouraging content. Their passion for the raw lifestyle is so evident in all they post.

So thank you guys for your great blogs! Keep up the great work.

Ok, at my time it happens to be 12:27 A.M. (even though the time posted says 10 something, I'm on different time) and you can probably tell I'm starting to fall asleep by now, but I was determined not to miss two days in a row of not blogging, even though I hate staying up this late. Sigh... I missed it by 27 minutes. :0) The reason it's so late is because tonight we raced to hear Phil Callaway (a Christian comedian/speaker) tonight. He was really good, a very down to earth man who really loves the Lord Jesus. Mr. Callaway made us laugh so hard and really inspired me. You can check out his site at Not only that, but he kept us up late, lol. But it was a great evening.

Since we were on the run to get there in time, I had to take along my supper. It was the easiest thing. I just grabbed some organic spring mix greens, threw them in a bowl, and squirted organic dressing on it. For a sweet to end off with, I sliced up banana, drizzled raw organic agave nectar (so much nicer than the average agave nectar, I think it tastes sweeter) over it, and topped with raw cacao nibs that I just bought. It was simple, quick, and tasty.

But before I fall asleep, I have to tell you a great idea for your salads that I did today. Marinated mushrooms are so tasty in salads, but have you ever tried marinating cubed eggplant? Yum, that's so good, a nice, tasty morsel that adds "umph" to your meal.

Ok, now I'm about to drop, so that's it for tonight, or this morning, I should say.


wyldegirl said...

congratulations on the award. . . i've just discovered your blog and love your simple recipes. . .+ especially your grandpa's comment regarding green smoothies and your not getting sick!! it made me grin!
looking forward to more. . .
xx jenny

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great idea (the inspirational blogger award). Now we have five new blogs to check out! I loved reading through your blog and love, love, love pictures.
Congratulations on your award and thanks for connecting with us. I can't wait to pass it along.
Oh Yeah, and thanks for the encouragement, we will definitely get on with the posting.

Charissa said...

Aw, thanks Jenny. You're sweet.

Charissa said...

Thank you Peggy, you're so encouraging!
It's great to connect with you too, it's so awesome meeting so many great people!

Vegannosaurus Rex said...

Awww shucks, i'm blushing. Thank you for the praise, i'm glad to know someone gets some use out of my ramblings.

Charissa said...

Your welcome, Vegananosaurus. Yes, I do like your ramblings. :0) lol

Keely said...

Congratulations, Charissa!!! And thanks for loving my blog, too!!! [grin]

Charissa said...

Keely, it's easy as anything to LOVE your blog!! :0) You inspire many!