Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frozen Pudding and Family Fun

DAY 26

Since today is Saturday I decided to do something a little more special for breakfast, rather than fruit or a green smoothie. I made Ani Phyo's "Love the Chicks Pate" or "scrambled eggs". On the side I had two oranges. It seems like I'm craving citrus all the time now, which is very convenient since, after all, it is orange season. Once I made the "eggs" I added tomatoes and marinated mushrooms. It was delectable and filling. (I'd post a picture but once again my sister has the camera, lol) It was really the mushrooms that made it taste so good, but it's true that when it comes to mushrooms I really feel like a little hobbit and want to gobble them all up for myself.

Speaking of hobbits, some of my family and I are going to watch "The Fellowship of the Rings" tonight. A true classic. Oh, I love that trilogy! There are so many incredible lessons to be learned from it...sacrifice, loyalty, and beauty of doing what's right. So that's where the "family fun" part of the title comes from and the "frozen pudding" is just another thing that adds to that fun. I believe it would be impossible to watch a movie without a special snack!

Pictured above (blurry, I know...our camera is getting a little old and operates best in "just the right environment", lol) is the frozen pudding I made. The recipe is from "Raw Food Real World", but I like to tweak it just a little and then put it in our ice-cream maker for 15-20 minutes. It tastes incredible cold, frozen, and way creamier than normal ice-cream and I'm not kidding!

But this time I'm going to add cacao nibs to it for that satisfying chocolate crunch, and maybe add some raw chocolate syrup on top. (Oh, I think I'm getting hungry! lol) Last time I was in town I picked up these cacao raw chocolate nibs from a health food store, a bit pricey, yes, but I persuaded myself that I would make it last a while and made that my special treat. So just like Shannonmarie I let it be my "reward" for the blogger award she passed on to me. :0) I had never tried them before and was nearly giddy with excitement to try it. So as soon as I was in the car I ripped open the package to taste it. They were bitter, as I knew them to be, but their creamy, yet crunchy texture and the cocoa taste (I'm addicted to) kept me reaching for the bag for a "wee" bit more. Finally, I pulled myself away from them, only to have a little bit more at home. Now I keep on discovering chocolate nibs on the floor in my room, which I promptly pop in my mouth, lol. But really, I am making it last. :0)