Monday, January 21, 2008

Vanilla Banana Shake

One of my favourite shakes is got to be the simple, but sophisticated milkshake. (Me enjoying one above, sorry the picture is fuzzy) Once you have the basic banana shake down the options are can add strawberries for the traditional strawberry shake, or cocoa or cacao powder for the chocolate malt, perhaps some pure mint essence with cocoa for chocolate mint, or maybe oranges for a lovely "creamsicle" shake. You can add anything you want to your basic banana shake and transform it to a marvelous gourmet creation that will make any mouth water when they see it. Also, it helps to remember that we "eat" with our eyes first so make it pretty. For that strawberry shake, garnish with a fresh, succulent strawberry. Sprinkle the chocolate shake with raw cacao nibs or a dusting of cocoa powder, or stick a raw cookie on top. For your fruit smoothie, add a piece of orange or a curl of the peel to the side of the glass. When I make berry smoothies I like to add some frozen berries to adorn the top of the smoothie.
Here's the basic banana shake recipe that I like to toy with:
*frozen bananas (must be frozen, it gives it that milkshake/ice-cream feel)
*a tad of pure vanilla
*nut milk for a liquid base (you can use water too, but nut milks are creamier)
*you can add a wee bit of cashews for more creaminess
*a spoonful of raw honey (or you can add dates, but I like honey because it makes the shake whiter, the pic of the shake above was with dates)
Now add whatever essences you like and whizz up to a creamy, dreamy consistency. Top with pure maple syrup and chopped walnuts.


shannonmarie said...

Wow, you were doing the vanilla thing, too. I had a green version the same day :-)

Charissa said...

Great minds think alike...vanilla has got to be one of my favourites.