Sunday, January 6, 2008

Green Smoothie Cleanse, Day 1

DAY 6 of Raw yet DAY 1 of the Green Cleanse! My Mom and I started the day off with a strawberry/romaine/banana shake, even with some cucumber in it. So refreshing!

My family is all starting to come down with a cold and I feel like I'm starting to catch a strain of it with a sore throat, so today we'll have a young coconut based green smoothie for lunch. Young coconut is known for the power to strangle colds and sickness. I love young coconuts! Ummm. I'm looking forward to seeing how I feel after a week of this "green smoothie" thing. Should be fun.

The purpose of this cleanse is first of all, to detox your body and do a good "spring" cleaning, to lose any excess pounds (if needed), give your digestion a rest, get in control of your eating habits (if that's an issue), and to experience the power of green smoothies. Not just that, but as you're not making anything time consuming, it gives you a lot more extra time to get more stuff done than usual and clear up your space and home.

While I'm doing this I have a few other goals I (and others in my family) want to accomplish :

1. Get my room a little less cluttered, desk organized

2. Tidy pantry

3. Get Christmas decor down and housecleaned

4. Catch up on emails and letters

5. Clarify my goals and schedule

During noon hour too, while I'll have a bit more time this week...I really want to focus on spending more time with the Lord and in His Word. One thing that has really helped me grow in my relationship with Him is writing Him letters of my love for Him, how I admire Him, or how much I need Him. He's such an awesome God and I'm so honored to be His child.


Kristen's Raw said...

Great job with Raw Day 6! That's exciting.

I love having green smoothies made with coconut water, so delicious :)

Kristen's Raw

Charissa said...

Thank you!
Yes, I know... I've just discovered young coconuts as a base today, normally I make green smoothies with a base of bananas or some other fruit.