Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Random subject: Pomegranates and Lip Balm

DAY 9 on raw and DAY 4 on Green Cleanse!

On this green cleanse I'm doing you can eat fruit when you're hungry and pomegranates have been one of my tip top choices. Yum! I love these sparkling red jewels! But the sad thing is they are not going out of season. My ever sweet Dad bought four pomegranates for Mom and I at two dollars per piece! A good price for them is a dollar and an average is one-fifty. They're simply loaded with anti-oxidants and helps mop up all those nasty free radicals.

Another thing I love is lip balm and when you add pomegranate to it you get...Burt's Bees replenishing lip balm. It's my all time favorite of all my lip stuff. It smells divine and helps soothe your lips when they're dry. Now that I sound like a commercial I shall say that I wasn't paid a cent for raving about it. All the same, if you need lip balm, you should try this. :0)


shannonmarie said...

Everybody's on a green cleanse at the moment except me. Should I take the hint? Do you think my blog would get too boring? Hope not.

Kristen (of Kristen's Raw) and I hope to do a juice feast when the weather warms up, if we can handle giving up our usual heavier menus.

Good luck with your detox!

Charissa said...

Thanks a lot, and no, whatever you ate or did on your blog it wouldn't get boring. I always find yours very interesting. :0)
A juice feast sounds so nice. I'd love to do one sometime. But right now, despite my love of green smoothies, I'm looking forward to normal raw food.

shannonmarie said...

I think that is why I've been hesitant to do one myself. Green smoothies are my fav, but this girl can't live off them alone. I'm such a raw junk food junkie. I had leftover sundaes for lunch today.