Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Raw Spaghetti and Tomato Sauce

DAY 23
Here it is, the recipe for my tomato sauce! This is enough for one hungry person like me. :0)

About 1/2 c. sundried tomatoes (they were packed in olive oil)

3/4 of a large tomato

3/4 of an onion scallion

1 medjool date (soaked previously)

A wee bit of the dried herbs following:
~garlic salt
~dehydrated onion

Mix it all up in the food processor to the texture you like and then heat it up in the dehydrator for 1/2 - 1 hour till warm.
I made zucchini noodles with a peeler as well as just slicing them into noodle shapes. I wish desperately I had a spiral slicer but I haven't been able to afford that yet. Still, it worked fine. I warmed up the "noodles" in the dehydrator with the sauce. When it came time to eat, I just placed the "noodles" on a bed of spinach leaves, dolloped the sauce on, and sprinkled with Carmella's ( Parmesan cheese on top. And that's it!

This morning I had the same green smoothie I had yesterday, except substituted the Aloe Vera for celery. My Grandpa was watching me (my Grandparents live with our family) and I could see he was curious about it and all the things that I was putting in. After I blended it up, I gave him a small glass of the smoothie to try. He took a sip and said, "I can see how this would be a healthy drink." Another swallow. "And it tastes so good!" A few moments later, he says, "I bet you don't get sick very often." ...So now I have my Grandpa sold on green smoothies! :0)


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Pretty darn cool that your Grandpa is so open-minded!

Charissa said...

He's awesome and my Grandparents are both very curious about my raw food thing.

Keely said...

I'm thinking that a green smoothie a day would be much appreciated by your grandparents!!!

Charissa said...

Yes, my Grandparents often get some smoothie in the mornings (whether it's green or not). My family, especially my sisters and Mom, are really into smoothies for breakfast. They really enjoy them.